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If you need technical assistance at any time, please call the NCSPC’s Virtual Help Desk at 910-660-0949

Press 1 for Technical Support or Press 2 to reach NCSPC Staff.


Where can I find the presentation download for the meeting?
Utilize the agenda found on the homepage or the agenda page to access the session. Click on the session title to expand the drop-down menu. Click on “download presentation” for the presentation you would like to download.

Will the sessions be available for replay after the meeting is over?
Yes! The replays of the annual meeting will be available here, on this website, for 90 days after the event.

Where can I find the meeting minutes that will be approved during the business session?
Download the 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes. A vote will be taken during the business session.

Where can I find the 2020 financial audit?
Financial reports are available through the member portal under documents. Click here to download instructions on accessing the member portal.

Can I ask speakers questions during the meeting?

Yes. Use the Q&A box on the homepage to submit questions to speakers. Please do not use the “chat” box to submit your questions.

I cannot hear the speaker – what should I do?
To adjust the audio on the player, click on the speaker icon in the bottom left. You can use the slider bar to adjust the volume. Also, be sure to check the volume on your computer itself as that may also need to be adjusted.  

How can I enter to win a prize from the sponsors?

By filling out the form on the sponsor’s page, you are entered to win their prize! Winners will be notified within 14 days after the meeting.

Can everyone else see or hear me?
No. Attendee’s are in watch and listen mode only. There is no way to turn on your camera or microphone.

Is there a number I can call for technical support?
Yes! You can call 910-660-0494 then press 1 to speak with a technician.